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Support for Quality Indicators

CHP/PCOR Program
September 2002 - present

Kathryn M. McDonald (Principal Investigator) - Stanford University
Sheryl M. Davies - Stanford University
Corinna Haberland - Stanford University
Patrick Romano - UC-Davis
Tamara R. Chapman - CHP/PCOR Research Assistant and at Stanford University
Ellen Schultz - Stanford University
Eric Schmidt
Olga Saynina - Stanford University
Dena M. Bravata

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A research team at CHP/PCOR is leading the development and refinement of Quality Indicators supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), in collaboration with investigators from UC-Davis and the Battelle Memorial Institute. The project team regularly updates and refines each of the component modules of the Quality Indicators: the Prevention Quality Indicators, Inpatient Quality Indicators, and Patient Safety Indicators, and Pediatric Quality Indicators, all of which are based on hospital administrative data. The team is currently developing a set of Emergency Preparedness Quality Indicators based on other data sources and will allow information aggregation at the state level for interstate comparisons of hospital preparedness. Additionally, the team is in the early stages of developing a set of Home and Community Based Services Quality Indicators. The team also responds to requests for indicator interpretation from users of the Quality Indicators, including hospitals, state health departments, hospital associations and data organizations, health plans, national quality organizations, federal agencies, and researchers.

The Quality Indicators project, as a whole, aims to demonstrate and increase the value of the Quality Indicators; help users learn from each other's experience in implementing them; and increase the use of administrative data and other routinely available data sources for quality improvement.

Funding provided by
• Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality



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