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There is hope yet for Afghanistan

Opinion Piece/Newspaper Article

Karl Eikenberry - William J. Perry Fellow in International Security at CISAC, CDDRL, TEC, and Shorenstein APARC Distinguished Fellow; and Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Retired U.S. Army Lt. General

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Financial Times, November 20, 2012

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan and 2012-2013 CISAC Perry Fellow Karl Eikenberry outlines how Afghans are optimistic about the direction their country is taking, and why policymakers internationally should take note. According to the Asia Foundation's surveys in Afghanistan, 93% have great or fair confidence in their armed forces and 71% say that their national legislature is addressing the problems of ordinary citizens. This optimism about the country's direction, says Eikenberry, provides a platform that can be used to make Afghanistan more secure.