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Scaling-up treatment for HIV/AIDS: lessons learned from multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Journal Article

Rajesh Gupta
Alexander Irwin
Mario Raviglione
Jim Yong Kim

Published by
Lancet, Vol. 363, page(s) 320-324

The UN has launched an initiative to place 3 million people in developing countries on antiretroviral AIDS treatment by end 2005 (the 3 by 5 target). Lessons for HIV/AIDS treatment scale-up emerge from recent experience with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Expansion of treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis through the multipartner mechanism known as the Green Light Committee (GLC) has enabled gains in areas relevant to 3 by 5, including policy development, drug procurement, rational use of drugs, and the strengthening of health systems. The successes of the GLC and the obstacles it has encountered provide insights for building sustainable HIV/AIDS treatment programmes.