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Insurance mandates, embryo transfer, outcomes - the link is tenuous

Journal Article

Banks, N. K.
Norian, J. M.
M. Kate Bundorf - Stanford University
Henne, M. B.

Published by
Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 94 no. 7, page(s) 2776-2779


To examine the relationship between state insurance mandate status and the number of embryos transferred in assisted reproductive technology cycles, we conducted a retrospective analysis of clinics reporting to the publicly available national Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology registry. We found that clinics in states with comprehensive mandates transferred between 0.210 and 0.288 fewer embryos per cycle depending upon patient age, and were more likely to transfer fewer embryos than recommended for older women; however, the relationship between state mandate status and clinic birth and multiple birth rates varied by age group.