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Institutions and Comparative Economic Development

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Masahiko Aoki, ed. - Stanford University
Timur Kuran, ed. - Professor of Economics at Duke University
GĂ©rard Roland, ed. - Professor of Economics and Political Science at University of California at Berkeley

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Palgrave Macmillan, page(s): 366
Publication no. 978-1-137-03403-8

Softcover (978-1-137-03403-8) - $35.00

Hardcover (978-1-137-03403-8) - $110.00

This book explores why different patterns of economic development and growth have been observed across different regions and over time. Drawing on the contributions of outstanding scholars in comparative and historical institutional analysis, this volume presents the roles of political institutions, social organizations and norms, culture, and policy in economic development and societal evolution. The contributors include, besides the editors, G. Austin, A. Greif, D. Ma, T. Khanna, J.L. Rosenthal, C.H. Shiue, J. Svenjinar, P. Temmin, R.B. Wong, and others. The volume provides a valuable resource for general readers, academics, and policymakers with an interest in the future of the evolving world economy.