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Indian Federalism and the Conduct of Foreign Policy in Border States: State Participation and Central Accommodation since 1990

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Rafiq Dossani
S. Vijaykumar
A. Mattoo, ed.
H. Joseph, ed.

Published by
Har-Anand in Shaping India's Foreign Policy: People, Politics, and Places, 2010
Publication no. 9788124115114

This volume seeks to understand, analyze, and describe the domestic underpinnings of foreign policy making in India. It investigates and evaluates the impact that the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural diversity of India has had on the making of the country's foreign and defense policy, particularly in the last two decades. It is essential reading for practitioners and scholars alike, and fills a huge gap in the understanding of India's engagement with the outside world.

Senior research scholar Rafiq Dossani contributed the chapter "Indian Federalism and the Conduct of Foreign Policy in Border States."