Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Program on Energy and Sustainable Development Stanford University


Greenhouse Gas Implications in Large Scale Infrastructure Investments in Developing Countries: Examples from China and India

Working Paper

Mike Jackson
Sarah Joy
Thomas C. Heller
David G. Victor - UC San Diego

Issued by
Program on Energy and Sustainable Development Working Paper #54, March 2006

Engaging developing countries is essential to creating meaningful international regimes to address climate change. We assert that this engagement requires developed countries to broker greenhouse gas emissions abatement plans that accommodate developing countries' energy and development goals. Here we explore two deals: the first to replace coal-fired electricity capacity with natural gas in China, and the second to develop India's nuclear power program. Our analysis indicates that these energy infrastructure investments have the potential to bring about substantial CO2 emissions reductions, and underscore the need for further, more robust analysis of these and similar deals.