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Characterization of circulating HIV-1 env genes in plasma of two antiretroviral naïve slow progressing patients with broad neutralizing antibody response with evidence of recombination

Journal Article

Mukhopadhyay S
Ringe R
Patil AA
Paranjape RS
Jay Bhattacharya - Stanford University

Published by
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, Vol. epub ahead of print
September 15, 2011

In the present study, we investigated genetic divergence between complete autologous HIV-1 env genes amplified directly from plasma of two anti-retroviral naïve, slow progressing Indian patients with broad neutralizing antibody response. All the envelopes (Env) clones obtained from one patient (LT1) belonged to subtype C; the second patient (LT5) harbored quasispecies comprising of pure B, C and B/C recombinants with distinct breakpoints indicative of dual infection with genetically distinct strains. Further characterization of these Envs would provide insights to the biological properties under strong humoral immune response.

Topics: HIV/AIDS