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Amichai Magen  
Lecturer in Law; W. Glenn Campbell National Fellow, Hoover Institution (2008-2009); CDDRL Affiliated Scholar 2008-2009, Former CDDRL Pre-Doctoral Fellow 2004-2008 (former)


Research Interests
The law and policy of global and regional governance institutions, political development (democratization, rule of law and regulatory reform) in transitional and weak states, American and European democracy promotion, and Middle East (especially Israeli and Turkish) politics.

Dr. Amichai Magen is a Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School, and Affiliated Faculty at CDDRL and FCE. Dr. Magen is also the W. Glenn Campbell National Fellow, Hoover Institution (2008-2009).

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OPINION Amichai Magen: Israel-Palestine: Building sustainable peace
Amichai Magen: ... "Achieving real progress towards sustainable peace requires reorienting the existing diplomatic paradigm in a manner that will help Palestinians build the functioning, democratic state they deserve, while ensuring Israelis have a stable, responsible neighbor they can trust."
September 26, 2011 in World Jewish Congress

Opinion: If it's good enough for Europe...
Amichai Magen: "The EU should demand the same peace-building measures from the Palestinians as it did before recognizing new states in its own neighborhood."
September 4, 2011 in Jerusalem Post