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Inauguration of Unidades de Policia Pacificadora (UPP) base in favela Borel. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Photo credit: Priscila Marotti

January 19, 2012 - CDDRL, Program on Poverty and Governance Announcement

Poverty and Governance program launches policy brief series

The Program on Poverty and Governance (PovGov) at Stanford University's Center on Democracy, Development and Rule of Law is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural policy brief series. This series will disseminate PovGov’s work by summarizing the main findings of their research projects and the policy implications for dissemination to the academic and policymaking communities. The first brief in this series entitled, Changing Relationships Between Police and Society: What Inspiring Experiences in Rio de Janeiro, Medellín and the United States Can Teach Mexico discusses innovative policing experiments in the Americas and the policy implications - particularly for Mexico - drawn from these successful programs in Brazil, Colombia, and the U.S. The PovGov program anticipates that this series will be useful as Mexico and other Latin American countries explore new approaches to solve their development challenges. 



Topics: Democracy | Governance | Poverty, inequality, and democracy | Rule of law and corruption | Social Fabric in Violent Places | Brazil | Colombia | Mexico | United States