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February 5, 2013 - CISAC, FSI Stanford In the News

Perry, Hecker discuss Pyongyang's threat of a third nuclear test

CISAC's William J. Perry and Siegfried Hecker traveled to Seoul, South Korea, this week to speak at an international security conference, which was dominated by the North's threat of another nuclear test. The two, attending a forum hosted by the Yonhap News Agency and Stanford's Walter H. Shorenstein's Asia-Pacific Research Center, talked about diplomacy with Pyongyang and gave a series of interviews on the sidelines of the conference.

"When I consider where we are with North Korea today, compared with 13 years ago, I am compelled to conclude that diplomacy with North Korea in the past 13 years may well go down as the greatest diplomatic failure in our history," former U.S. Defense Secretary Perry told the forum.

Hecker writes in Foreign Policy: "To make its nuclear arsenal more menacing and provide the deterrent power Pyongyang's vitriolic pronouncements are aimed to achieve, North Korea must demonstrate that it can deliver the weapons on missiles at a distance."

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