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North Koreans celebrate their February 2013 nuclear test.
Photo credit: Reuters

July 18, 2013 - CISAC In the News

Hecker: North Korea ready for fourth nuclear test

Appeared in Reuters, July 17, 2013

According to nuclear expert Siegfried Hecker, North Korea is prepared for a fourth nuclear test. He believes that North Korea needs additional tests to miniaturize and refine a bomb that could fit onto a delivery vehicle, such as a missile. The country is weighing the benefits of further testing; increased pressure and disapproval from China could stay Pyongyang’s trigger finger. Tensions have grown between the two countries over the continuation of nuclear testing, and China’s economic and political ties to the North will play a major role in raising the costs of testing.

Hecker expressed his concerns over cooperation between Iran and North Korea, especially over the possibility of sharing nuclear test data. 

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