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Video credit: Humanitarian Innovation Project

December 18, 2012 - CISAC In the News

Former fellow launches innovation project for refugees

"We believe that there are alternative, neglected ways to address the humanitarian challenges of refugee protection and assistance, which are not only more effective but can move from dependency to sustainability and from a perception of refugees as an burden to recognizing how their presence may benefit host societies and governments."

                -- Alexander Betts, Director, Humanitarian Innovation Project
                   and former CISAC postdoctoral fellow

Alexander Betts, a former postdoctoral fellow at CISAC, recently launched the Humanitarian Innovation Project (HIP) at the University of Oxford. The private sector project aims to develop new methodology to solve problems and identify solutions for refugees and other humanitarian situations. HIP takes a new approach to humanitarianism: tapping into the skills and talents of refugees and their communities in an effort to build sustainable livelihoods.  

CISAC and students at Stanford are also developing new ways to improve the lives of refugees, working with the UNHCR on a project to rethink camps. See an interactive social media piece about the project online at

Topics: Innovation | Migration & Transnational Flows