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June 22, 2010 - CISAC In the News

CISAC's David Holloway on Medvedev's visit to Silicon Valley

Appeared in KQED California Report, June 22, 2010

Transcript of David Holloway's interviews on The California Report:

Mina Kim (reporter): The Russian leader is hoping to lure investment and top talent from the high-tech  hub, a high order, says David Holloway, a Stanford University professor of political science and specialist on Russia.

Holloway: What he will have to do is convince people that he can, in fact, create the conditions that make the investment worthwhile. Some foreign investors have found Russia to be extremely difficult to operate in and people will need to be reassured.

Kim: But the young, 44-year-old Medvedev could be just the man for the job. Holloway says he'll likely pitch his tax breaks for companies, the high level of Russian science and engineering and the political benefits of more American investment in Russia. But Medvedev also has a personal stake in the project.

Holloway: Of course he is linked to Putin and was Putin's protege but he has made this particular theme of modernization and, in particular, the creation of a Russian Silicon Valley his own particular project and I think that means he has a commitment to it.

Kim: Holloway says the Russian leader's visit to the region is just the beginning to create long-term economic ties to the West.


In an earlier interview on The California Report, titled, "Russia's President Visits the Bay Area," Holloway said that Medvedev's visit is an important step for attracting top investors and researchers to Russia's new high-tech hub:

Holloway: "He won't be able to wave a magic wand and get people investing quickly, but he may get people more interested. That may give him some support at home for trying to create conditions that will make this investment attractive."


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