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Photo credit: UN Photo/Mark Garten

December 16, 2009 - In the News

Chinese State media Xinhua News front page features PESD researchers Gang He and Richard Morse's analysis of Chinese and American climate policy

During Gang He and Richard Morse's trip to the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, Xinhua News interviewed the PESD researchers and highlighted their analysis of Chinese and American climate policy.  Gang expressed that the major challenges facing this year's climate change negotiations are confronting the dual challenges of the economic recession and reducing global emissions, and closing the significant gap between the demands of developing countries and what developed countries are prepared to offer.   He noted that China sees clean technology as an opportunity for low carbon development and is already aggressively pursuing economic growth opportunities in the sector.

Richard expressed that the political background behind the United States' and China's emissions targets were crucially different:  Barack Obama's ability to make emissions reductions commitments is now highly dependent upon the passage of climate legislation in the US senate, while China's target reflects a continuation of the policies in its existing 5-year plan.  Morse noted, however, that efficiency and other policies already in the current 5-year plan represent significant reductions.

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