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April 27th, 2012

Six new U.S. coal export sites in the works

in the news: ClimateWire on April 27, 2012

Facing flagging domestic demand, US coal producers are pushing hard for rail and port infrastructure that would enable exports to China from the Pacific Northwest, says PESD researcher Richard Morse in Climate Wire. (PESD's upcoming annual conference will consider the environmental impacts of such developments.)

April 17th, 2012

Thurber quoted on Argentina's planned re-nationalization of YPF

in the news: Bloomberg News on April 16, 2012

PESD associate director Mark Thurber argues in Bloomberg News that Argentina’s government should not expect a near-term boost in domestic fuel production from its planned re-nationalization of oil company YPF, which is majority-owned by Spain’s Repsol. Even over the longer term, national oil companies are not always effective instruments for serving government goals like increased domestic production. The timing is especially sensitive given the nascent development of Argentina’s massive unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Read more »

April 9th, 2012

US on the verge of becoming major coal exporter

As abundant domestic natural gas production erodes coal’s market share in the US, coal producers are looking to overseas markets for growth. At the Argus Americas Coal Summit, Richard Morse gave a presentation discussing the competitive dynamics of US coal exports in world markets. Morse argued that conditions for expansion of US steam coal exports are favorable, but key risks remain that could make or break this “globalization” of the US coal market. Read more »

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Reduce greenhouse gas by exporting coal? Yes, says Stanford economist
Western U.S. coal companies looking to expand sales to China will likely succeed, according to Stanford University economist Frank Wolak. But, due to energy market dynamics in the United States, those coal exports are likely to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.
Mention of Frank Wolak in Stanford University News on January 15, 2013

Export American natural gas? Not so fast, says Stanford economist
Stanford economics Professor Frank Wolak warns of betting against the international spread of shale gas technologies by attempting to export domestic natural gas.
Mention of Frank Wolak in Stanford University News on December 18, 2012

Stanford Nobel Laureate wins top US science honor
Former director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) Burton Richter was awarded the Presidential Enrico Fermi Award on Thursday. The award is one of the oldest and most prestigious science and technology distinctions granted by the U.S. Government.
Mention of Burton Richter in The Stanford Daily on January 13, 2012

Stanford's Burton Richter wins top science award
Burton W. Richter, a Stanford Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and Mildred Dresselhaus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have won the Presidential Enrico Fermi Award, the White House announced Wednesday.
Mention of Burton Richter in San Francisco Chronicle on January 12, 2012

Stanford physicist Burton Richter's moderate approach to climate change gaining supporters
Stanford physicist's prescriptions include more natural gas and nuclear power, doubts about renewable energy goals, and a new way to gain political support. (Interview)
Mention of Burton Richter in Stanford Report on December 28, 2011

As Coal Use Declines in US, Coal Companies Focus on China
With aging coal-fired U.S. power plants shutting down, major American coal companies are exporting ever-larger amounts of coal to China. Richard K. Morse, the director of research on coal and carbon markets at Stanford’s Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, comments.
Mention of Richard Morse in Yale Environment 360 on December 8, 2011

New U.S. nuclear reactors unlikely soon: physicist
Stanford physicist and Nobel laureate Burton Richter told a Stanford audience that he expects the worldwide impact of the Fukushima disaster to be small. ( -- Japanese officials increased the nuclear crisis level at the Fukushima plant on ...
Mention of Burton Richter in on April 15, 2011

New US nuclear reactors unlikely soon, say Stanford physicist
Stanford Nobel laureate Burton Richter and New York Times journalist Matthew Wald were on campus to talk about how radiation leaks at Japan's Fukushima plant could impact the future of nuclear energy in the United States and abroad.
Mention of Burton Richter in Stanford Report on April 14, 2011

RI to import 4.5m tons of LNG starting in 2013
An energy expert from Stanford University in the United States, Mark C. Thurber, said Indonesia needed to gradually increase the price of gas for industrial users in order to encourage gas exploration activities. "A strategy that some companies have ...
Mention of Mark Thurber in Jakarta Post on February 24, 2011

Prof says future of US energy technology lies in regulation, not production
On the tail of recent research by Stanford's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD) examining China's evolving coal and power sectors, ...
Mention of Frank Wolak in The Stanford Daily on January 27, 2011

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