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Iberian Modalities  
The Europe Center Conference

Date and Time
February 11, 2011 - February 12, 2011
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Open to the public
No RSVP required

Vincent Barletta - Stanford
Humberto Brito - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Robert Davidson - University of Toronto
Elena Delgado - University of Illinois
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht - Stanford
Dominic Keown - Cambridge University
Antoni Marti Monterde - Universitat de Barcelona
David Niremberg - University of Chicago
Joan Ramon Resina - Stanford
Patrizio Rigobon - Università Ca’Foscari (Venice)
José María Rodríguez - Duke University
Mario Santana - University of Chicago
Alfredo Sosa-Velasco - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
William Viestenz - Stanford University
Ulrich Winter - Phillips Universität Marburg
Maite Zubiaurre - UCLA

Of late the term Iberian Studies has been gaining academic currency, but its semantic scope still fluctuates. For some it is a convenient way of combining the official cultures of two states, Portugal and Spain; yet for others the term opens up disciplinary space, altering established routines. Shattering the state’s epistemological frame complexifies the field through the emergence of lines of inquiry and bodies of knowledge hitherto written off as irrelevant.  This more complex understanding of the term has been gaining ground despite disciplinary inertia, as always happens with new epistemic paradigms according to Thomas Kuhn.
This conference brings together scholars whose work shows awareness of the cultural and linguistic complexity of the field to discuss the institutional challenges to the practice of Iberian Studies and to share work conceived from that relational point of view.

Stanford Humanities Center

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Joan Ramon Resina