Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Program on Energy and Sustainable Development Stanford University


Film screening and discussion: "The Hornet's Nest"  
CISAC, FSI Stanford Special Event

Date and Time
May 30, 2013
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Open to the public
RSVP required by 5PM May 28

William J. Perry - Michael and Barbara Berberian Professor (emeritus) at FSI and Engineering and Co-Director of the Preventive Defense Project at CISAC; FSI Senior Fellow; CISAC Faculty Member
J.B. Vowell (commentator) - Visiting Scholar, CISAC
David Salzburg (commentator) - Producer, "The Hornet's Nest"
Mike Boettcher (commentator) - Journalist, ABC News

Armed with only their cameras, Peabody and Emmy Award-winning conflict journalist Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos, provide unprecedented access into the longest war in U.S. history.  Their journey took them to the highest mountains along the border with Pakistan to the deserts of the Helmand Province in the south, exposed to and sharing the same risks of the combat soldiers they were covering.

 “The Hornet’s Nest”, unfolds as a true story of survival and heroism not only for the soldiers, but also for a father and son team who seek to re-connect under the most harrowing of circumstances.  The unscripted, real and visceral scenes will leave one with the appreciation of the true nature of combat and for the Soldiers and Marines who fight for each other in the world’s most dangerous place: The Borderlands of Afghanistan.

The film will began after a brief introduction and stage setting by Dr. Perry and COL. J.B. Vowell. Following the film there will be a Q & A session with Mr. David Salzburg, the films producer, Mr. Boettcher, the ABC News journalist and COL. Vowell.


Running time: 93 mins.

CEMEX Auditorium
Knight Management Center
Zambrano Building

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